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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you clean screens ?
Yes, screen cleaning is usually offered as a package along side tracks cleaning. It is offered as a separate option.
Is your work guaranteed ?
We offer a 14 day guarantee  on all our services. If your windows are not to your liking for any reason, we will come touch them up at no cost. We also offer an additional 30 day guarantee to which we will return for touch ups at a reduced price. We guarantee clean windows and a service you can count on.
Can you clean hard water stains?

Yes, we have several cleaning methods and we can determine which one is best for your needs.

How long will my windows stay clean ?
Unlike Windex and paper towels, we use pure water or the traditional method using specialized tools (squeegee, mope, microfiber towels) to give you an unobstructed, brilliant and clear view.

Since all houses are different, we can not know the exact duration of your cleaning. We recommend our customers to wash their windows at least twice a year.

Note that all our services are guaranteed for 14 days !

Are you insured ?
Yes, we are fully insured with a 2 million$ liability insurance. A certificate of insurance is available upon request.
What happens if it rains ?
Your satisfaction is what concerns us the most. If it is just a small rain (drizzle), we will proceed as planned to wash your windows.

Knowing that rain is a form of pure water, debris is removed from your windows and will remain perfectly clean even after rain has hit the window.

We offer a rain guarantee so you can be sure your windows will stay clean after the rain has dropped.

How can I pay ?
  • For residential cleaning, we send the invoice by email. You can pay by credit card via the electronic invoice. You can also pay by check. Just leave it on the kitchen counter. No cash will be accepted.
  • For the commercial sector, we will send you by email an invoice that you can pay via email or by check.
How much does it cost ?
Every house and every business is different. That’s why we provide free estimates to avoid surprises. Depending on the styles and characteristics of each house, we can usually give a price over the phone by looking it up on Google Maps. Prices are based on our house model system.

We know exactly what equipment is needed and how long the work will take. Most people are surprised at how affordable window cleaning is. We strive to provide you with the best service at the best value possible.

Do I need to be at home ?
Many of our clients trust us to take care of their windows while they are busy at work. For outside services only, you are not required to be present since it is exterior work.

On the other hand, for the cleaning of the interior windows, it is necessary that someone be present.