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Aylmer Window Cleaning offers gutter guard installation services in the Gatineau, Ottawa area.

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Gutter guards are a great option if you want to stop cleaning your gutters every year. There are hundreds of different kinds of guards on the market and we have seen them all! And honestly, most guards are a piece of you know what!

At Aylmer Window Cleaning, we have boiled it down to the 2 products that are worth installing.

Light duty aluminum clip on


  • Budget friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Small holes 
  • Good water flow
  • 25 year warranty on the product
  • Keeps gutters free of snow


  • Less sturdy
  • You may need to check the gutters every 5 years


Industrial grade aluminum


  • Drilled into the gutter so very sturdy
  • Small holes
  • Good water flow
  • 40 year clog free warranty
  • Keeps gutters free of snow


  • More expensive
  • Harder to install

Aylmer Window Cleaning will be able to provide you with different options if you are considering both products. Let us know if you need a quote. You can contact us at 819-918-9303 or by contacting us via the form below.


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