Aylmer Window Cleaning offers permanent Christmas lights that are installed and color matched in the soffits for a seamless look.

They are not only Christmas lights, they can also be used as pot lights, Halloween lights, patio lighting or special occasions like St-Patty’s day or Valentine’s day.

→ They connect wirelessly to your phone so you can create your own patterns

→ Choose from 16,000,000 colors, adjust brightness, turn certain lights on and off or choose from a library of preset patterns

→ These lights are incredibly versatile and for the cost of a couple christmas light seasons you can get a permanent system that will add value to your home.

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Information about the lights

  • Rated for 50,000 hours which is 20 years or more depending on usage
  • 3 year warranty for faulty LEDs 
  • Waterproof: these lights will work underwater
  • Adjust brightness
  • Low energy, each LED uses about 0.3 watts of power
  • Pre set patterns: create a new pattern and share it to the Celebright community
  • Schedule: program your lights to turn on and off whenever you’d like
  • Invisible by day brilliant by night

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