Are you looking for pressure washing in Ottawa or soft washing in Ottawa? If you want to hire the best soft washing company in Ottawa, you’re in the right place. Our team in Ottawa will make your property shine like never before using a soft wash method. Read on to discover why our soft washing Ottawa method is so much better than traditional pressure washing.


It’s crucial to have a clean and accessible property in Ottawa. Having all eyes on your home or business might be stressful but our team of professionals are here to help . Pressure washing in Ottawa is the most common approach for cleaning the walls of people’s houses in the Canadian capital.

As popular as this method may be however, it’s actually not the best. Pressure washing Ottawa can cause water infiltration under your siding, can damage the caulking around your windows, it could also damage your vents and soffits. That’s why we typically use a soft washing approach instead of pressure washing in Ottawa and in this article we’ll tell you the different advantages of this approach.

Mold, mildew and surface dirt is usually the most typical reason for pressure washing your home or your business. If you live in the Canadian capital the best way to get rid of these stains is by hiring our soft washing Ottawa company.


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The process we use for soft washing in Ottawa


To safely remove filth and stains from vinyl, aluminum, wood patios, and the concrete of your house or commercial building, we generally use a soft wash approach.

This technique uses low pressure and chemicals rather than pressure. It’s a lot safer and produces superior results.

Pressure washing Ottawa companies typically use too much pressure and this tends to damage the surfaces and cause water infiltration. We’ll typically use a mold and mildew-killing solution to the surface that needs to be cleaned. We let it work for a bit and then rinse with low pressure once everything is killed.

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Soft washing in Ottawa will leave your house cleaner than ever…


What are the benefits of soft washing versus pressure washing Ottawa?


Soft washing can provide a number of benefits without the drawbacks that you’ll typically encounter with pressure washing Ottawa. Here are just a few of the advantages that our soft washing Ottawa company will bring to your home:

Enhance your property’s curb appeal without damaging it

Having your building cleaned by our team of experienced cleaners on a regular basis might actually help increase its worth. It will give the building a fresher, more appealing appearance. Your business will benefit from a clean building as well. Customers and staff will appreciate the immaculate facilities and it’s a place they’ll be pleased to visit.

While pressure washing Ottawa can be used to clean cement surfaces, it should never be used on your house. A high pressure wash can damage insulation, electrical wires, and even cause mold growth if it penetrates beneath the siding. Aluminum and vinyl siding might also be dented by a high-powered pressure wash. If you want to improve your property’s curb appeal without damaging it, contact our soft washing company today!

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Soft washing is especially good for vinyl siding…


Prevent the potential need for repairs

Another great advantage of using soft washing instead of pressure washing Ottawa services is preventing the need for repairs.

Bird droppings, mildew, and dirt accumulation are not only unsightly, but they could cause decay and harm your walls. If you don’t wash your walls regularly, they tend to degrade over time.

Pressure washing in Ottawa will get rid of the dirt but it will end up costing more eventually on upkeep as you’ll need to repair the damage caused by the high water pressure. If you want to clean your property without harming it, you should definitely go for a soft wash approach!

Lasts longer

Soft washing in Ottawa can actually last a lot longer than a regular pressure washing service. Because we are killing the bacteria and mildew at its roots. It will take a lot longer for it to grow back on whatever surface we are cleaning.

So you always get more bang for your buck!


soft washing Ottawa – What areas of the Canadian capital do we service?


We can do soft washing in practically all the neighborhoods of Ottawa. Contact us today and let us transform your home this holiday season. We’ll treat your home just like if it was ours!